"Style" is what makes DOC SWAN'S
PSYCHO SIDESHOW® stand apart from
other "freak-'em-out" stage shows.
(usually long on tattoos and piercings, and
short on talent and presentation)...
Doc is an
entertainer as well as a performer, and for over 40
years audiences have told him that with their
laughter and applause.

A "typical" show may open with Doc's
award-winning FIRE-EATING act.  
"The reason fire-eating is so dangerous," he explains, "is
that the only thing that kills the taste of the gasoline is 'RAID
ant & roach killer" (which he then sprays in his
mouth)......"and THIS stuff is poisonous!!
And the only way to kill the taste of RAID is to eat....." (What
comes next not everybody watches).
Next, maybe a little mindreading.  Here
Doc makes sure no one tampers with
the prediction (by stapling it to his
forehead).  "You keep an eye on it...
Tell me if anyone goes near it".
Doc will then talk about his birth defect
"Vacancy of the Cranium". Proving his lack of
brains by driving an icepick, screwdriver and a
6" nail into his nose.
THEN:  "An illusion taught to me by
a Holy man from  India" is what Doc
tells his wincing crowds as he
rams a 10-inch hatpin through his
forearm.  "Now you can see how
he got so
"I call this "Mental Floss"
Doc says as he snorts a
balloon up his nose and
pulls it out his mouth...
Doc generally finishes up with his
signature act of  carrying an
audience member down a 10-foot
path of (real) broken glass bottles.  
"The thrill of victory - and the
agony of de feet"
So it goes...
for 20, 30 or 40 minutes, up to three times nightly -
and, with Doc's flair for experimentation, you NEVER know what else you
might see!   Swords, razor blades, fish hooks, hydrochloric acid and tons
of other stuff your mother told you never to play with might show up at
any time in a performance!

Doc's not going to try to impress you with a bunch of photos of him
standing by famous people.  ANYone can get those... He DOES, however,
like to talk about having wowed crowds at parks and attractions like Walt
Disney World; Six Flags Great Adventure; Six Flags Discovery Kingdom;
Six Flags Great Escape; Six Flags Over Georgia, Six Flags America,
Spooky World, Foxboro, MA; Field of Screams, Ft Myers, FL
(and one very
famous casino who asked we not mention their name)
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