self-contained.  Doc comes with his own P.A. system and
necessary lighting,

YOU supply a level 16' x 10' (approx) stage with a 20a electrical
outlet, and seating for the crowds. Secure storage must be
available each night for Doc's props and technical equipment.

You may choose to have Doc supply his OWN stage/trailer
(requiring a 30'x 20' area)

DOC SWAN'S PSYCHO SIDESHOW is fully insured for

$2,000,000.00 for liability.

Presentations can be tailored to any length to suit your needs.  
Most often, three or four 30-minute shows are presented
nightly.  However, you will soon find Doc is VERY flexible when
you work with him.

Cost for the Psycho Sideshow is competitive, and subject to
discounts for multiple engagements and permission to sell a show
souvenir. Call or email for a quote.

DOC SWAN'S PSYCHO SIDESHOW is generally booked solid for
the month of October, often a year or more in advance.  ACT
NOW if you want to make arrangements to have Doc amuse and
confuse your crowds!

1-866-DOC SWAN

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